The PRO-ING company was founded on 20 August, 1946 under the name of Project Institute of Vojvodina as a public company for the needs of investment design. Today, PRO-ING is privately held.

The basic traditional activity of PRO-ING is in the field of Design of structures of social standard, residential and housing structures, business-corporate buildings and centers, sport facilities, hotels, faculties, schools, etc. In the past ten years, significant projects have been conducted in the field of food technology industry, agriculture, and process, manufacturing and secondary raw materials industry. The company has notable experience in the field of water engineering, wastewater treatment and drinking water production plants. In recent years the company has established as a regional leader in this field, which is confirmed by numerous references.

Apart from design, an important area of activity is Consulting service – economic-financial analysis of projects, feasibility studies, construction supervision according to local and FIDIC standards, technical control and other services related to modern investment management in the Civil Engineering field.

The third area of activity is related to construction in the Engineering system, including construction, construction-craft and installation works, as well as interior works according to a turnkey principle.

Today PRO-ING employs 40 permanent staff, out of which there are 30 highly educated professionals-specialists in different fields.
The company is fully market-oriented and it constantly takes the initiative in the competitive environment.
PRO-ING business activity covers the whole market of Serbia and Montenegro, while having successful cooperation with numerous companies from Germany, Italy, France, and Montenegro.
In technical and technological respect, the company is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software equipment, and the internal information system is based on its own integrated intranet and authentic technological concept.


The design sector consists of a team of engineers in various fields, narrowly specialized for specific areas of design. Within a long tradition and complexity of projects, it distinguishes itself in the field of design of corporate buildings, residential-office and sport-recreation complexes, hotels, resorts, industrial faculties, and it has lately positioned itself as a market leader in the field of design of wastewater and drinking water treatment plants. High business ethics, teams of professionals, commitment and openness to clients, and meeting deadlines characterize a system which provides a high quality service in all phases.


As a company with a long tradition of constructing various types of structures, we have a team of experienced engineers employed in the engineering sector. The company has notable experience in constructing wastewater treatment plants according to a turnkey principle. In addition, a great number of commercial, housing, residential, sport, and industrial structures have been constructed in the last decade. Professional relationship with clients, meeting deadlines, professionalism of engineers and quality contractors are qualities which define us.


As a company with a long tradition in the field of investment management in civil engineering, we offer full service in the field of consulting: feasibility studies, construction supervision according to local rules and regulations, construction supervision and management according to FIDIC standards, bidding documents and analysis after bidding process, design of dynamic plans and construction organization, technical control and project verification and energy efficiency studies.